Sneak peek

Hello wildcats!

If I can find the time to hit up the screen printing studio, I am going to start working on some cool images that I have been waiting to finish! Crossing fingers that I have the time and money!


Ooo what is that?

Go Canada Go!

I am pretty pumped about the Olympics.

Especially the Paralympics. Why? I have two fantastic friends of mine, one actually competing in various swimming events, the other (former athlete) volunteering at the London games this summer. I was asked by my volunteer friend to design a poster for the Canadian team’s wall of achievements. Now, this is just a pro-bono “fun” project, because it’s all about supporting Team Canada!

Vintage-London Themed Poster


Character Design

I love creating characters, giving them personality and having fun with it.

I have only studied basic animation (using Flash programs etc). It is something I would consider exploring more, as I took a class in university that only scratched the surface of basic animation.

One of the assignments was to create a character and animate him walking. I think I had more fun creating/designing the character than the animation (which was OK too).

Out of curiosity I looked up mouth expressions for animated dialogue, and tried out some facial expressions for “Ned” (I think that’s what I’ll call him). I based the mouth movements on this image below (I don’t have a source for it sorry).

I saved my character and all the different mouths as well. Then I decided to get creative and use the expressions to make a silly little comic. Or montage.

Oh Ned, you get all the ladies.

Logo & Letterhead Design

Creating a logo for a client can be full of surprises.

Some companies have peculiar names and can be a challenge for designers to create a logo suitable enough to represent the company accurately.

To experience this first-hand, in a university class I had to create a theoretical logo for a made-up company/business based on randomly selecting a noun and an adjective. From a hat. Or perhaps it was a re-used yogurt container.

I ended up with 3 combinations:
Old Soup
Shy Cheese
Icy Fish

Yes, those are strange I must say!

Class voted and selected that I focus on “Icy Fish”. Seemed easy enough, I immediately connected that to ice fishing (which is a rather boring sport in my experience). I created a logo for the class but since then I have re-worked the logo to something more refined.

Icy Fish Logo
Business card detail & logo variations (including grayscale version)

I should dig around for my initial sketches of the other combinations— hilarity!



Sushi Instructions

I love sushi and everything about it.

I am a “self taught sushi-artist” as in, I love making it and eating it. I thought this graphic would be a fun way to show how easy it is to make. I left out a lot of detail of course, but you know, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)!

This graphic was originally for a zine (mini magazine) I made in university. I disliked the zine, the content was not aesthetically coherent with one another but I enjoyed various elements I created, such as this one. Enjoy!

How to make Sushi (without all the technical detail, hah).


Call me vain. I made 2 self-portraits, vector style. I really enjoy anything that looks vintage or Victorian, and texture is great! The first was just experimental, while the second was used for a show.

Details below!

This was just a “for fun” portrait.
This portrait is actually something that I screen-printed in real life, for my graphic design thesis show. The show’s theme was “Vintage Grunge” and my classmates and I all had our portraits on a feature wall in various sizes and frames. Will post a pic soon!

Photography: Winter Wonderland

It’s interesting to see such a contrast in how the weather changes how we view our landscapes and interact with them. Living in Canada, you can see drastic changes in the temperature, ranging from -50 degrees Celsius to +35 to 40 degrees Celsius. Upon looking through this set of photos and comparing them to past sets (see link below), you don’t have to travel far to see these transformations, you only have to wait 6-8 months.

My Flickr page. Enjoy!