Logo & Letterhead Design

Creating a logo for a client can be full of surprises.

Some companies have peculiar names and can be a challenge for designers to create a logo suitable enough to represent the company accurately.

To experience this first-hand, in a university class I had to create a theoretical logo for a made-up company/business based on randomly selecting a noun and an adjective. From a hat. Or perhaps it was a re-used yogurt container.

I ended up with 3 combinations:
Old Soup
Shy Cheese
Icy Fish

Yes, those are strange I must say!

Class voted and selected that I focus on “Icy Fish”. Seemed easy enough, I immediately connected that to ice fishing (which is a rather boring sport in my experience). I created a logo for the class but since then I have re-worked the logo to something more refined.

Icy Fish Logo
Business card detail & logo variations (including grayscale version)

I should dig around for my initial sketches of the other combinations— hilarity!