Logo & Letterhead Design

Creating a logo for a client can be full of surprises.

Some companies have peculiar names and can be a challenge for designers to create a logo suitable enough to represent the company accurately.

To experience this first-hand, in a university class I had to create a theoretical logo for a made-up company/business based on randomly selecting a noun and an adjective. From a hat. Or perhaps it was a re-used yogurt container.

I ended up with 3 combinations:
Old Soup
Shy Cheese
Icy Fish

Yes, those are strange I must say!

Class voted and selected that I focus on “Icy Fish”. Seemed easy enough, I immediately connected that to ice fishing (which is a rather boring sport in my experience). I created a logo for the class but since then I have re-worked the logo to something more refined.

Icy Fish Logo
Business card detail & logo variations (including grayscale version)

I should dig around for my initial sketches of the other combinations— hilarity!



Jessica Holl is an artist and graphic designer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her digital design experience includes working with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. She has experience using a digital SLR camera and also experiments with handmade graphic design methods, including silkscreen and bookbinding. Her love of art, nature and psychology influence her designs, adding meaningful depth and character to her work.

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